View and Download Data Help

Here are some instructions for retrieving data from the View and Download webpage.

The search options can be done singularly or in combination, but the options are fixed and do not update based on previous selections.  For example, if you choose Salt Lake County, the Water Body Name list does not update to only show results from Salt Lake County.


Tier is the only required search option that you must select.  During this step you also select if you want to retrieve data from a lake or a stream.  The Tiers differ by the type of equipment used to monitor and their data quality.

Lake Secchi Data: Lake monitoring with only Secchi Disk measurements (water clarity)

Tier 1: Entry level data quality that is used for educational and problem identifying purposes. To see methods and equipment used visit our Tier 1 webpage

Tier 2: Advanced monitoring data quality that is used for assessment purposes


You can search for data filtering by date.  Use the calendar to select a date or type it in following the MM/DD/YYYY format. If you leave the start and end date blank it will return all data.


Returns data from monitoring sites located in the selected county.

Water Body Name

These are the names of water bodies that are monitored by Utah Water Watch volunteers.  Some water bodies have multiple monitoring sites located on them.  They are listed by alphabetical order.

Site ID

This is the unique identification given to every registered Utah Water Watch monitoring location.  To see a map of these locations visit our interactive  Monitoring Locations Map.  Click on an icon to find out its Site ID.

Volunteer ID

Each certified Utah Water Watch volunteer gets a unique ID number.  This option will return all the data submitted by the selected volunteer.


Returns data from monitoring sites located in the selected major watershed.  For a map of Utah's 10 major watersheds visit our interactive Major Watershed Map.

Nearest Town

Returns all data from sites that are located closest to the town.  Does not include every town in Utah, only the towns that have monitoring sites near them.