Login Help

Here are some frequently asked questions.  If you need more information or help call the USU Water Quality Extension office at (435)797-2580.


I forgot my username / password

  • If you forgot your username please contact the Utah Water Watch program coordinator and they can retrieve or reassign you your username and / or password.

            USU Water Quality Extension at 435-797-2580 or email waterquality@usu.edu


Are usernames and passwords case sensitive?

  • Yes, both are case sensitive so please ensure that you are using capitalization with the correct letters.


Does each user have a unique username/ password?

  • Yes, all volunteers have a unique login.


Can I change my password?

  • Yes, if you click on your Profile (top right) there is an option to change your password.  It is located under your volunteer ID.


Can I change my site information?

  • No, this must be done by a system administrator.  Please Contact Us if you need to change your site information.


How does the My Data page work?

  • The My Data page displays all the data for the monitoring site or sites that you have the privilege to enter data for.  This may include data that other volunteers have collected in the past.