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***We are transitioning to a new database hosted on CitSci.org. You may still enter data here, but we would prefer volunteers switch over to the new system. Simply create a login, search for the Utah Water Watch project and "Ask to Join". Once approved, you may login in and begin entering data using the appropriate datasheet. If you are simply interested in accessing and viewing the data, anyone may access the data by visiting the Utah Water Watch project.

Thank you! - Utah Water Watch

On this website certified volunteers can enter the data they recorded from their monitoring observations.  Please double check your responses before submitting to ensure accuracy.

If you would like to register to become a certified monitor, please fill out this form

Anyone can view or download the data that has been submitted by selecting "View and Download Data" on the left.

For more information about Utah Water Watch, visit our main website.

If you have questions or comments please contact the program coordinator by email or call (435)797-2580.